25 Random Things About Me

My buddy Dave Wilson tagged me with the “25 Random Things” meme the other day and in the interests of playing along I’ve decided to bore all of you with twenty-five not so interesting facts about me.  Ready, set, go…

  1. I read an average of five to eight books per week.
  2. In the time it takes to fly from Phoenix to Boston I can usually read two entire novels.
  3. I love dogs and have five of my own.
  4. I have strangely, and quite unexpectedly, developed a desire to race the Iditarod.
  5. My first book was written on a dare over a case of beer in college.
  6. My first car was a 1975 Plymouth Duster, brown with a faux snake skin roof.
  7. I have considered crewing for Cpt,. Watson of Whale Wars fame.
  8. I do not love to write like most writers I know.
  9. I do love to come up with story ideas, however.
  10. I would love to see Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter of Mars series made into an epic film on the scale of the Lord of the Rings.
  11. I am very unexcited about the upcoming Pixar animated version of the same.
  12. I suffered a limited form of amnesia in my youth and still do not remember the day of the accident that caused it.
  13. I’m a fairly decent singer.
  14. A TALENT FOR WAR by Jack McDevitt is one of my favorite novels.
  15. I own a Sony Reader and absolutely love it.
  16. I am trained in three different martial arts.
  17. I recently bought an automatic rice maker.
  18. I’m a Christian who believes in evolution.
  19. I run a very cool writing site called Storytellersunplugged.com
  20. For years I dreamed of climbing Everest.  Now I have no desire whatsoever to do so.
  21. I am nearsighted and blind as a bat without my glasses/contacts.
  22. I thought Defiance was excellent.
  23. Making this list has been difficult.
  24. I have been to every state in the nation with the exception of South Dakota.
  25. I have no intention of tagging anyone else with this meme, so you are off the hook.

There you have it – 25 random things about me you probably could have gone your whole life without knowing.

Joe writes urban fantasy series and supernatural thrillers for a wide variety of publishers in the US and abroad, including Tor Books, Harbinger Books, HarperCollins, Harlequin/Gold Eagle, and Droemer Knaur.

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