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Is Your Writing Career in Danger of Failing?

Are you struggling to finish that novel you've always wanted to write? 

Do you start off every writing project full of enthusiasm, determined to finish, only to have the words dry up as your story loses focus and you can't figure out what to write about next?

Perhaps you've finished that novel but it either keeps getting rejected by New York publishers or sits there languishing on Amazon, with a sales rank somewhere in the hundred thousands as you barely sell one copy per week?

Are your dreams of being a writer slowly fading as a result?

Take heart!  It doesn't have to be this way!

Then Take It to the Next Level with
The Art of Story Structure!

Every successful book - every successful story – has at its core the same elemental structure.
As a writer with dreams of brilliance and success, you can no more ignore story structure than you can walk outside and tell the rain to stop being wet.
Without that structure, a book is all but predestined to fail. 
The Art of Story Course is going to teach you how to recognize that structure and how to put it to use in your fiction; helping you create vibrant, exciting stories that draw readers in, that wrap them in the characters and plot, and leave them begging for more.
My name's Joe Nassise and I'm the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of multiple series, including the Templar Chronicles, the Great Undead War, and the Jeremiah Hunt trilogy, and getting a solid understanding of story structure is one of the reasons I've had so much success.
If you want to reach more readers and sell more books, this course is for you!

Don’t Take My Word For It

"Joe instinctively grasps the importance of narrative structure and has a gift for explaining even the more complex aspects of the craft of writing."

Steven Savile

NY Times Best Selling Author of “Glasstown”

"Joe’s video series has clearly defined building blocks on how to write stories that resonate…that sweep readers away. He guides you through creating a premise and structuring your novel so that the heart of the story is fully realized. I love how Joe suggests exercises, answers questions and gives feedback while you apply these techniques. A fantastic tool for writers just starting out, or for those wanting to focus on reducing drafts and writing more high-impact stories."

Erinn Kemper


"Joe helped me understand novel basics: character arc, story arc, plot points, character drive, and the importance of layering and subplots. More than that, he helped me recognize the plot loopholes, why somethings worked and others didn't, and, most important, why I should keep believing in my vision, which, I think, is the biggest thing a newbie writer wants."

Usman Malik

Bram Stoker Award-winning author

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
The Art of Story Structure Course

  • 12 in-depth videos walking you through each part of the story structure process
  • 4 bonus videos, including one that shows you how to use the story structure process with Scrivener
  • Audio files and pdf transcripts of each lesson so that you can learn using the format you prefer
  • A custom Scrivener template to help you apply the story structure process right out of the gate
  • A scene and structural breakdown of my novel By the Blood of Heroes, so you can see the process in action
  • Tailor-made resources likes the Premise Worksheet, the Conflict Worksheet, and the Timeline Planner to make it easy to apply the elements to your day-to-day writing

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The Art of Story Structure video course


I'm looking forward to seeing how the Art of Story Structure takes your writing to the next level!

All best,

Joseph Nassise