In Ghostsight, New York Times bestseller Joseph Hutton takes readers on a dark and dangerous trip through the streets of Boston as a man desperate to find his missing daughter turns to the dead for help…

Malcolm Chance’s life has fallen apart in the months since his daughter’s disappearance. Once a happily married and respected Harvard classics professor, Chance’s obsessive search for his daughter Elizabeth has cost him his job, his wife and his reputation. In a last desperate attempt to discover Elizabeth’s fate, Chance performs an arcane ritual that steals him of his eyesight in exchange for the ability to see “that which is unseen”. Now, he can see what others cannot: ghosts and other supernatural creatures of the night. Thanks to his new gift, Chance takes on a strange new career earning a meager living by chasing away the wayward spirits that torment the living.

With the help of his ghostly companions, Whisper and Scream, he searches for clues to his daughter’s fate… until he falls into a trap laid by a particularly cunning foe and winds up accused of committing a series of brutal murders. What begins as a quest to save his daughter turns into a desperate search for the truth, a search that will lead him to a savage battle against an ageless, malevolent force that would use a father’s love for his daughter to set itself free. If Chance can’t stop it, his adversary’s terrible revenge will destroy him, Elizabeth, and countless other innocents.

A rich tale full of terrifying moments, engaging fantasy and deep emotion GHOSTSIGHT is ground-breaking urban fantasy that charts daring new territory in the field.

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