A modern gothic thriller...scary...remarkable.

Denver Rocky Mountain News

A forgotten chamber secreted beneath a decrepit old mansion. An ancient evil that lies slumbering in the dark. A guardian determined to fulfill his duty to his last, dying breath.

When Jake Caruso and his construction team find a hidden tunnel in the cellar of the old Blake mansion in the sleepy hamlet of Harrington Falls, Jake can’t wait to explore its depths. There, he finds an even greater mystery: a stone chamber that’s been covered up for hundreds of years — sealed shut by some long-forgotten warden.

When the ancient seal is broken, a reign of terror and death consumes the town’s residents. Something is stalking them — something that strikes in the darkness without warning or mercy, leaving a trail of innocent blood in its wake — and Jake comes to realize the nightmarish truth of what he has set free. It is an evil born of ages past. A creature of eternal bloodlust that has risen to continue its endless slaughter…

As something dark and deadly takes to the skies over Harrington Falls, Jake and his friends, Sam Travers and Katelynn Riley, find themselves drawn into a primeval conflict set in motion centuries before. When fresh blood is spilled and the death toll mounts, these three friends will be faced with a terror beyond imagination, one that will require every vestige of their strength, faith, and determination to confront.

Nominated for the International Horror Guild Award for Outstanding Achievement in a First Novel

Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel