Even more updates

As you can see, I went and updated the theme of the site again. I think I’ve finally got it where I want it to be – a nice mix of professionalism for my editors and publishers but at the same time enjoyable and fun content for my fans.  Feel free to use the comments section to let me know what you think.

And speaking of material for the fans, I’ve put up the summary and first chapter for the third book in the Templar Chronicles trilogy, A TEAR IN THE SKY. You can find it HERE!

Site Updates

I did some work this weekend to enhance and update the information on the site. Changes/additions include:

  • The first chapter of Riverwatch can now be read online
  • The first chapter of Heretic – Book One of the Templar Chronicles can now be read online
  • The first chapter of A SCREAM OF ANGELS – Book Two of the Templar Chronicles can now be read online
  • The first chapter of MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF can now be read online
  • Publications have been grouped by the type of writing – novels and novellas have their own page, as do anthologies/collections and non-fiction.
  • The table of contents have been added to the majority of anthology listings. More to come over the next few days.

I’ve also added an bookstore in the sidebar, with listing of books that I’ve written, books I’ve recently enjoyed and writing books that I recommend to those starting out. Visit the Feed the Writer link and check it out.

Site Update – New Coaching Services for Writers

I’ve updated the Writing Coach page with all new monthly coaching packages and a new service that let’s you pick my brain to get the answers to those burning questions about writing and publishing that you’ve been dying to know – the Pick My Brain service!

Check out the  Writing Coach page for more information and get started today!

Feeds are Fixed (Finally!)

The RSS feeds are up and running once more, thanks to some detective work and the addition of some new WordPress plugins.

My thanks to all those who offered help!


Where to Find Me on the Web

It’s time for one of those official updates – here are all the places you can find me on the web

Shades of Reality - my official website (obviously, since you are already here)

XtremelifeCoaching – my life and creativity coaching company

Storytellersunplugged – the group blog I started with 29 other writer

PublishersMarketplace – my occasionally updated page at

My MySpace page

My Facebook page

My ComicSpace page

My LinkedIn network page

Skype address – Jnassise

AIM – xtremelifecoach

Email – Joe.Nassise at

Welcome to the new site!

Things have been static at the ole website for way too long, so I’ve decided to make a few changes.  As you can see, I’ve converted the entire site to a wordpress blog and will be using this structure to add content on a regular basis.  I’ve also started importing my LiveJournal entries from the past year ( and will be categorizing them into a searchable database as I go.

Stay tuned for more cool stuff!