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10 Days of Halloween Specials – Day 7: SNAFU

I’ve got more of an opportunity for you this morning than an out-and-out special, but I still think you’ll appreciate this one and hope you join in!  Doing so gets you access to a never-before-published Templar Chronicles story that won’t be available anywhere else for at least another year and probably longer…

I’ve just come aboard a fabulous military horror anthology project called SNAFU (military slang for Situation Normal – All F*cked Up) being put out by Austrailian publisher, Cohesion Press.  The project is being partially funded by an Indiegogo campaign which gives supporters the chance to get in on the ground floor and get some cool bonuses (including a very special hardcover limited edition of the book.)

I’ll be joining several other terrific authors who have already been invited into the project including bestsellers Jonathan Maberry (author of the Joe Ledger series), Weston Ochse (author of the Seal Team 666 series), James Moore (author of the Serenity Falls series and the Seven Forges fantasy epic) and Greg Beick (author of the Alex Hunter series.)

Here’s the skinny:

SNAFU cover art

Read some of the biggest names in the business in an anthology
of original military horror

Time travel, bioweapons unleashed, mutations, ancient species unearthed in lost caverns deep within the earth… and the soldiers who fight them

When the going gets tough, the tough fight to the death in SNAFU.


- James A Moore (a Jonathan Crowley story)
- Greig Beck (a brand new novella – ‘The Fossil’ – read synopsis HERE)
- Weston Ochse (bestselling author of Seal Team 666 and Age of Blood)
- Jonathan Maberry (a Joe Ledger tale)
- Joseph Nassise (bestselling author of the Templar Chronicles and the Great Undead War series)

- And others…


Buy it now or miss out on the limited edition version of what will be the BEST military horror anthology of 2014.

What You Get

This is an opportunity to pre-order and receive a special limited edition of SNAFU.

There are some great bonuses available for pre-orders ONLY. 

  • Be one of the first to read this selection of tales
  • Unique cover art for pre-orders
  • Free worldwide postage for print editions
  • Each print edition limited to the number of orders. If we get 103 orders for the paperback, there will only be 103 paperbacks with that cover design, and so on
  • We are limiting the paperback special editions to 350
  • We are limiting the hardcover signed limited special editions to 250
  • We are limiting the hand-bound lettered editions to 26
  • All hardcovers will be signed by all contributors

Pre-order ebook editions will be sent out the same time as reviewer copies


Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute financially, that’s fine. 
If you want to help, then spread the word.
Tell your friends; share on Facebook or Twitter, use the Indiegogo share tools, just get the word out.

Indiegogo campaign link –

Update for my German and Polish Readers…

Da Blut der Helden Now Available for Pre-Order!


The German edition of By the Blood of Heroes – Das Blut der Helden – is now available for pre-order from Atlantis Verlag and

Joseph Nassises Roman “Das Blut der Helden” ist ab sofort als Hardcover und Paperback beim Verlag vorbestellbar, das Erscheinen planen wir aktuell zum Jahresende. Parallel wird eine eBook-Ausgabe erscheinen. Der Autor von “Die Chroniken der Templer” und “Die Hunter-Chroniken” schildert in seinem neuesten Werk, einem Alternativwelt-Roman, den Kampf gegen die untote Armee des deutschen Kaisers im Jahre 1917. Mehr Informationen über die US-Ausgabe sind hier zu finden. Den Roman ins Deutsche übersetzt Markus Mäurer, das Titelbild stammt von Mark Freier.




17 Szram is coming soon!

Continuing the anthology series started several years ago with 11 Cuts, Replika will be producing 17 Scars – 17 stories from both Polish and foreign authors designed to surprise and thrill you!  It will be dark and atmospheric.  Strange and grotesque.  And best of all, very cool.

Writers include:  17szram

  • Aleksandra Zielińska
  • F. Paul Wilson
  • Łukasz Radecki
  • Ramsey Campbell
  • Robert Ziębiński
  • Kazimierz Kyrcz Jr
  • Carlton Mellick III
  • Krzysztof Maciejewski
  • Graham Masterton
  • Jacek Rostocki
  • Dawid Kain
  • Washington Irving
  • Paweł Waśkiewicz
  • Mort Castle
  • Michał Gacek
  • Joseph Nassise
  • Robert Cichowlas


Coming Soon – The Hungry Dark (A Templar Chronicles Mission)

Oh, by the way…a new Templar story will be out very soon, set between the first and second books in the Templar Chronicles urban fantasy series and featuring the original Echo Team – Cade, Duncan, Riley, and Olsen.  Are you ready for The Hungry Dark?

The Hungry Dark - A Templar Chronicles Mission

A Sneak Peek at Templar Chronicles #4 – INFERNAL GAMES


Simon Logan lay on the cot in the corner of his cell, listening to the voices of the dead whisper to him from out of the darkness.

Their voices helped him, sustained him. They lifted him out of the depth of his despair and gave him the courage he needed to face each day as if it were not identical to the one before it and the one before that and so on back through an endless succession of such periods, the sterility of prison life blurring into one long, endless repetition of the same activities that were designed to break his will and turn him into an obedient little prisoner.

The voices were his sanity and his salvation.

And while he listened, the dead told him things.

Important things.

Things he couldn’t have known otherwise.

The dead were his friends, you see, the whisper of their voices like the caress of a lover in the depths of the night. They told him of the world outside these walls, of the events that transpired there while he was locked away in that meager eight-by-eight foot space, and in turn he gave them tasks to perform, orders to carry out, providing a purpose and direction for their existence that they thought had been lost lost forever.

It was the perfect symbiotic relationship.

The wards, bindings, and other enchantments built into the walls of his cell kept him from doing anything more than speaking with the dead, but speaking with them was enough for now. Logan lay on his bunk in the darkness, conserving his energy, knowing he was going to need it if the voices were right, if today was, indeed, his day of salvation.

It was still early afternoon when the voices told him that the guards were headed in his direction. His cell had no clock and this far underground there wasn’t a window to let him judge the passage of the sun across the sky, but he knew what time it was just the same. He’d always been able to sense the coming of darkness for decades and right now his senses were telling him that darkness was still many hours away.

That was fine; he was patient. He could wait.

He thanked the dead for their service and then sent them on their way with the messages he had prepared for just this eventuality. The time had come; he could feel it in his bones.

The footsteps stopped and the lights flashed on suddenly, harsh and blinding: the move designed to disorient, perhaps even to cause physical pain. He was abruptly thrust from the utter darkness of long days spent in solitary confinement, but he’d been forewarned and so was not caught by their petty game, sitting on his bunk with his eyes held gently shut when the flare of brilliance chased away the darkness. By the time that the guards arrived at the door of his individual cell, his eyes had adjusted to the light enough to be able to see without difficulty.

There were nine of them; an auspicious number.

The duty captain stepped up to the outer cell door and said, “Assume the position.”

The man was nervous; Logan could smell his fear from five feet away. It made him want to smile, but he made sure to keep the grin off his face and his expression carefully neutral. Anything else would simply earn him a beating.

He got up from his bunk and crossed to the door of his cell. Turning around, he slid his hands through the waist-high slot and then winced as the duty captain on the other side slipped a zip tie around his wrists and cinched it tighter than necessary.

“Okay, you know the drill. Back off.”

He followed the duty captain’s orders, pulling his hands back out of the slot and stepping away from the door, giving the guards room to open the door and enter the cell.

They formed up around him, with the duty captain to his left, holding his arm, and the others arrayed in groups of four before and behind him. When the duty captain gave the signal, they led him down the hall and then up the three flights of stairs to the general population level. The raucous noise that usually filled the cavernous space quieted as they realized who was being brought up. Soon all of the other inmates were standing at the fronts of their cells, staring in silence at the procession as it made its way slowly past.

Even in here, amidst the worst of the Order’s enemies, the man once known only as the Necromancer commanded respect and fear.

It had been just over two months since Logan had requested an audience with Knight Commander Cade Williams and given him information that had eventually led to the confrontation with the Chiang Shih and the deaths of dozens of Templar soldiers. For his part in the process he’d been transferred to solitary confinement and left to rot alone in the darkness with barely enough food to survive. Rather than break him, however, the change in circumstances had proved to be a boon. No longer haunted by the ghost of Cade’s dead wife, Gabrielle, the Necromancer had slowly begun to recover and was now in better physical condition than he had been since arriving at the prison.

The guards took him through general population and then up five more levels, passing through a checkpoint each time, until they reached the ground floor. There they went through a successive series of checkpoints until, nearly a half an hour after they started, the group stood before the massive double doors leading to the main entrance and the transport yard just beyond.

The duty captain stepped forward, a rubber ball gag, the kind favored by S&M enthusiasts with straps that allowed the gag to be pulled tight and secured around the back of the head, in one hand. He held it up for the prisoner to see.

“Open up,” he said.

For a second, Logan hesitated. It was more a result of being startled by something so out of the ordinary than any real objection to the request, but that second was enough. The duty captain had been waiting for an excuse to cause his prisoner some misery and that was all he needed. He looked over Logan’s shoulder and nodded to the guard behind him. Logan didn’t even have time to brace for the impact before what felt like a sledgehammer drove itself into his kidney full bore. For a moment everything went white as his body tried to process the massive shock it had just received.

When he came back to himself again, he found he was down on his knees with a guard holding tightly to each arm as the duty captain shoved the gag into his mouth and pulled it tight. Logan didn’t fight back; it would only escalate into a beating and he didn’t want to take the chance of being injured right now.

Patience. Their time will come.

The gag and handcuffs were redundant inside the prison, as the wards built into the very foundations of the building kept him from accessing his power in any significant way, so the use of the restraints now indicated that they were taking him outside the gates, most likely as part of a transfer to a new facility. After spending the last six months locked away beneath the ground in solitary confinement, the idea of walking out those doors was almost daunting.


The duty captain stopped at the checkpoint and the Necromancer listened in to what was being said.

“What have you got, Charlie?” asked the officer on the other side of the bullet-proof glass of the control booth with a bored tone.

“Transfer to Longfort post-trial. There to remain until the end of time.”

The other officer’s laugh was muffled by the glass. “We can only hope, right?”

That’s interesting, the Necromancer thought as he ignored the joke. Apparently he’d been tried and found guilty in absentia; he certainly hadn’t attended any proceedings of that type in the last two months. He thought of the promise Knight Commander Williams had made to him several months before. A view of the sunlight, before the end of his trial. That had been the deal.

Better late than never, he guessed.

Papers were passed over, signed, and passed back again. When all was in order the group was allowed to proceed through the checkpoint to the final barrier, a thick set of double doors made of reinforced concrete. The duty captain took a tighter hold on Logan’s arm and with a loud clang the doors began to slide slowly apart.

A lobby like one found in most modern business buildings was just beyond the doors, part of the cover the Order had set up around the facility. Security guards stationed behind the “information booth” eyed him curiously as he was marched past, but they knew better than to speak to him.

Logan barely gave them a passing glance, as his attention was fixed firmly on his destination.

A transport bus was waiting outside.

The guards didn’t hesitate, just hustled him out the doors into the cold, February snow and over to the waiting vehicle. The driver opened the doors as they approached so the group didn’t even have to slow down as they led him up the stairs and down the aisle to the back of the bus where a specially prepared enclosure awaited.

It wasn’t much to look at, just a chair welded to the floor inside a box of bullet-proof glass, but the moment that he was shoved into the seat he felt the bindings that were etched into the walls around him, bindings designed to keep him from using his powers against those on the other side of the glass. He was like a newborn babe, naked and unprotected from those who might wish him harm.

Or so they thought.

Two guards stepped inside the box with him and quickly wrapped him in several sets of thick iron chains which the duty captain then secured with a special set of blessed padlocks. Their job finished, the guards stepped out of the enclosure and closed the door of the box behind them, securing that with a lock as well. Satisfied that all was as it should be, the guards moved several seats forward and sat down facing the front of the bus, their weapons by their sides.

The Necromancer wanted to laugh at the theatrics. He missed his old nemesis; had Williams been in charge he would have been drugged into unconsciousness, bound with silver, and sealed inside a protective circle before they would have even thought about taking him from his cell. This lot was making things far too easy.

He glanced out the window at the place where he had just spent the last six months of his life. The innocuous little building known to the Order as the Bennington Containment Facility looked more like a public high school than a maximum security prison for offenders of some of the world’s worst evils, but that was hardly a surprise. The Templars had had centuries to perfect the art of hiding in the open and even he had to admit that they did it quite well.

“Let’s roll,” the duty captain called forward and the driver raised a hand in reply. There was a moment spent as the driver started the vehicle’s oversized engine and threw her into gear and then, with a sudden jerk, the bus got underway.

The first three hours passed without incident. Logan had long ago learned the art of sitting patiently and he practiced that now as he waited for the right time. At first the guards were tense, constantly looking over their shoulders in his direction as if he might pull a Harry Houdini and escape from his bonds right before their very eyes, but as time passed and he remained securely bound, they began to relax. Relaxation eventually turned to boredom and boredom to complacency.

Logan felt them long before seeing them, their presence like a beacon in the night to one with his powers. He prepared himself for what was to come, knowing there would be a moment of vulnerability when the guards might think of opening his “cell” and shooting him in the head rather than taking the chance that he might escape into the world once more. He didn’t expect them to have enough presence of mind to think of it, but better safe than sorry. He focused inward, centering himself and gathering what power he could just in case he would need it.

The bus rolled onward.

Several moments later the headlights picked up the first wispy strands of a low-lying fog creeping along the road, but the driver barely noticed. The suddenly changing temperatures at this time of year often caused a bit of ground fog and he gave it no mind as he continued forward, unaware that in doing so he’d just committed everyone aboard to the events which were to follow.

A hundred yards down the road the fog had risen to cover the wheels of the bus and the driver was starting to grow a little concerned. It had grown thicker as well as higher, limiting the driver’s ability to see any obstacles that might be in the road ahead of him, and he naturally slowed the vehicle down as a result.

It never occurred to him to wonder where fog like this had come from on such a cold night.

Noting the change in speed, the duty captain came forward and crouched down beside the driver. “What’s the delay?” he asked, none to happy to be slowing down given the particular cargo they were carrying.

The driver waved at the windshield ahead of them. “Can’t see shit. If I hit something at this speed we’ll be in serious trouble. Better to slow down now than pay for it later.”

As much as he disliked the idea of slowing down, the duty captain knew the driver was right. “All right,” he said, clapping the other man on the shoulder. “It’s your bus; you know what’s best. Just get us there.”

“I’ll do my…

The driver never finished his sentence, distracted as he was by the way the engine of the bus coughed once and then died.

The loss of power meant the steering and brakes reverted to manual control and the driver suddenly found himself trying to steer a twelve ton behemoth rolling forward at just over twenty-five miles per hour. To their right was a forest of thick pine, to their left the yawning mouth of a narrow ravine; the driver did not want a closer look at either. The muscles on his arms stood out as he strained to hold the vehicle on course. He pumped the brakes frantically with both feet in an effort to get the bus to slow down and come to a stop, thanking God as he did for his foresight in slowing the bus just moments before. If they had still been travelling at the higher rate of speed they wouldn’t have had a chance.

“Give me a hand!” he yelled and the duty captain jumped to his aid, grabbing the wheel with both hands and adding his strength to the driver’s. Between the two of them they were able to keep the bus on the road and pointed in the right direction until it slowly ground to a halt several long and tense minutes later.

That’s when they noticed the fog.

No longer content to lie clinging to the ground in slowly drifting pools and eddies, this fog seemed to have a life of its own. It had sprung up like a wall all about them, leaving a clear patch of ground roughly ten feet on all sides of the bus, so that they seemed to be sitting in a special little clearing of their own. The fog twisted and turned, churning about, and both men would have sworn that they saw faces in its depths; grey, distorted shapes with black, bottom-less holes for eyes and mouths opened wide in silent screams…

Movement of a different sort within the depths of the fog became clearer as an individual in a long black robe stepped out in front of the bus, his face hidden in the depths of his hood.

“What the hell…?” said the duty captain.

As if in response, the newcomer reached up, grasped the edges of his hood, and pulled it back, revealing his face to the men on the bus. The coarse black thread that had been used to sew his lips and eyes shut, precautions used to keep him from seeing or speaking in the afterlife, stood out in stark contrast to the light grey coloration of his dead flesh while the glint of metal in his ears marked where molten silver had been poured into place to keep him from hearing.

The living watched as the dead man lifted an arm and pointed at the bus.

The duty captain turned his head just in time to see something monstrous emerge from the fog on the right side of the bus. As his mind was still trying to make sense of what it was seeing, the creature slammed into the side of the bus with all the force of a runaway train. Tires popped as the bus slid sideways for several yards, stopping just inches away from the edge of the embankment.

Men were screaming, guns were firing, but the duty captain didn’t notice. His gaze was locked on that of the prisoner in the back of the bus, the prisoner who couldn’t speak around the gag placed in his mouth but whose laughter was somehow ringing loudly in the duty captain’s ears as the thing outside slammed into the bus for a second time, sending it careening over the edge of the embankment and tumbling, down, down, toward the ravine floor below…


World-wide Release coming January 30, 2013

The Great Undead War series

While hunting around online tonight, I found a catalog from Harper Voyager that includes the first cover copy I’ve seen for my forthcoming novel, By The Blood of Heroes, book one of the Great Undead War series.  Not sure if it is final copy (in fact, I’m reasonably sure it isn’t, as the issue with the drilling vehicle changed in a later draft) but it certainly gives a sense of what the book is about.

Take a gander and let me know what you think…


An alternate history zombie novel set during World War I that blends the take-no-prisoners heroic grit of Inglorious Basterds with the irreverent inventiveness of Dawn of the Dead


At the end of 1917, the increasingly desperate Germans introduce a new gas to the battlefield: T-Leiche — “corpse gas” — that radically alters the face of the war. Unlike other chemical weapons that attack the living, T-Leiche resurrects the bodies of the dead, giving the enemy an almost unlimited, if not quite fresh, source of troops.

When legendary Allied pilot and war poster-boy Major Jack Freeman is shot down and taken captive by the Germans, veteran Captain Michael “Madman” Burke is the only man fearless and wild enough to try to rescue the American Ace. With a small squad of heroes — his right-hand man Sergeant Moore, Clayton Manning, the filthy rich big-game hunter turned soldier, and professor Dan Richards, Tesla protege and the resident authority on all things supernatural — Burke must traverse the putrid ground of no man’s land to infiltrate the enemy’s lines.

Using an experimental drilling vehicle, the team faces incredible danger and finds risk and peril at every turn, including ruthless traitor smugglers and marauding bands of the Kaiser’s undead. But only when they arrive at the prison camp is the true importance of their mission unveiled…

Supernatural launches!

Veteran Authors Form

Supernatural Ink 

October 12, 2011:  Internationally bestselling writers Jon F. Merz, Joseph Nassise, Steve Savile, and Mel Odom announced today the formation of Supernatural Ink, an authors’ collective designed to bring quality SF, horror, and fantasy fiction to readers in the digital marketplace.

All four are veteran writers, each of them having penned more than a dozen novels for major NY publishers over the last few years.  Between them they have written for some of the most popular genre franchises on the market today, including Buffy, Primeval, Stargate, Torchwood and Rogue Angel.  Their original fiction includes the Lawson Vampire series, the Templar Chronicles series, and the Ogmios Team adventures, to name just a few.

Every title released by Supernatural Ink will bear the ebook “Seal of Excellence,” indicating that it has been edited, proofed, and formatted to professional standards.  “The seal is our way of letting readers know, at a glance, that they are getting a quality story from a veteran writer that is packaged and presented in a way that won’t distract from the reading experience,” says the group’s founder, Merz.  “Excellence in ebooks, that’s our goal.”

In addition to their individual projects, SI authors are launching exclusive series like HELLstalkers and Department One designed to maximize reader interaction in the digital age.

To help spread the word, SI has made their first publication, “Supernatural Ink Annual #1″ free for the entire month of October and readers can get a free copy just by going to the SI website and signing up for the newsletter.  SI Annual #1 features exclusive stories by the four authors, including brand new material from Nassise’s Templar and Merz’s Lawson series.  SI also expects to partner with a variety of digital distributors in exciting new deals that maximize both their commitment to the reader and to the standards of excellence inherent in professional publishing.

The books offered by Supernatural Ink will include an assortment of the authors’ digitally-republished backlists as well as new, never-before-available front list titles.  They will be available in a variety of formats from major online distributors, including Barnes & Noble,, Smashwords, and the Apple iBook store.  Foreign translations are already underway and should be available after the first of the year.

More information can be found at the collective’s website

Get your free copy of the Supernatural Ink Annual #1 by signing up for the mailing list!

The Mothman Files available for pre-order

Woodland Press just announced that it’s latest anthology, The Mothman Files, is now available for pre-order.  Since my story, Money Well Earned, is being reprinted in the volume, I thought I’d share all the details.


Edited by Bram Stoker Award winner Michael Knost

Foreword by Jeff Wamsley, Author of “Mothman: Behind the Red Eyes”
Afterword By Thomas F. Monteleone

Cover art by Rick Kohler

Strange occurrences and alarming sightings in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia—including the shocking appearance of a bizarre winged apparition that became known as the Mothman—troubled the once tranquil community from November 1966 to December 1967. Mysterious lights sparkled and moved across the winter heavens. Domestic animals were found slaughtered and mutilated. Weird speculations among townsfolk began to emerge that have never been fully confirmed or explained.

Most alarming, many say the strange Mothman visitations never stopped. The terrifying legend was birthed in the mountains, but now visitations have been documented around the world. Credible eyewitnesses abound—from every region of America and South America, from Europe to Asia—of a winged beast of mammoth proportions.

The stories inside this volume further this legend and are penned by some of the best storytellers in the nation. Contributing authors include Chandler Kaiden, Bev Vincent, S. Clayton Rhodes, Karin Fuller, Brian J. Hatcher, Lisa Morton, Victorya Chase, Orrin Grey, Jessie Grayson, William Meikle, John J. Barnes, Adrian Ludens, and Joseph Nassise. They have done their research and have much to say about the creature. Be prepared. Many of their final conclusions are petrifying.

Softcover, 164 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9829937-5-0

Pre-order your trade paperback edition today!

Infernal Dreams…A New Templar Chronicles Novel!

As the Templar Chronicles series grows in popularity (no doubt thanks to many of you who have helped spread the word!), I hear from fans on an almost daily basis, asking if there will be another book. I’ve been a bit evasive on the topic before this, primarily because I wasn’t sure if the series would support another volume.

Thanks to the hard efforts of all you Templar fans out there, I can finally give you a firm answer to the question.

No, there will not be another Templar book. There will be two!

The first, INFERNAL DREAMS, picks up right where A TEAR IN THE SKY, left off. I hope to have the book completed sometime next month and available shortly thereafter. Then, later this fall, the as-yet-untitled fifth (and possibly final volume) of the series will be released.

I can’t thank my fans enough for supporting the Chronicles all these years and I’m looking forward to giving you some of the answers you’ve been clamoring for! Stay tuned to the mailing list for more information, including a sneak peek at the opening chapters of INFERNAL DREAMS in the next few weeks.

The Dead Man and Me

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll soon be working on THE DEAD MAN, an exciting new series of original novels created by Lee Goldberg, bestselling author of the The Walk and the Monk novels, and William Rabkin, author of the wildly successful PSYCH books.

This original ebook series of short novels blends the horror of Stephen King’s THE GUNSLINGER with the action/adventure of Don Pendleton’s THE EXECUTIONER…

Matthew Cahill is an ordinary man leading a simple life…until a shocking accident changes everything. Now he can see a nightmarish netherworld of unspeakable evil and horrific violence that nobody else does..

For Cahill, each day is a journey into a dark world he knows nothing about…a quest for the answers to who he is and what he has become…and a fight to save us, and his soul, from the clutches of pure evil.

Book one, THE DEAD MAN: THE FACE OF EVIL, introduces our hero, Matt Cahill and details the events that lead to his initial confrontation with Mr. Dark.  It’s a terrific tale in and of itself, never mind being a great set-up for the tales to come, and it is still available for just $0.99!

Book two, THE DEAD MAN: RING OF KNIVES, was written by James Daniels and debuted two weeks ago to even more acclaim than the first.

Matt believes a madman may hold the secret to defeating Mr. Dark, the horrific jester with the rotting touch. But to reach him, Matt must infiltrate a lunatic asylum, where he is soon caught up in a spiral of bloodshed and madness. His only chance of escaping with his life and sanity intact is to face the unspeakable terror that awaits him deep in the asylum’s fog-shrouded woods…within the Ring of Knives.

Coming hard on the heels of RING OF KNIVES will be the next installment from Goldberg and Rabkin entitled HELL IN HEAVEN.

Even better, the first three books will be followed by more all-new adventures in THE DEAD MAN saga by some of the most talented and successful mystery, western, horror and sci-fi authors out there today… including Bill CriderJames Reasoner, Matt Witten, Joel Goldman, James Daniels, Burl Barer, David McAfee., and yours truly.

Visit the official DEAD MAN website for the latest news and reviews!

Join me on The Mirror’s Road

I’ve always been a fan of both diversification and experimentation when it comes to my writing career. From my soon-to-be-launched cell phone project to making my work available in a variety of digital formats, I’ve tried to examine different ways to bring my writing to the people who value it the most – my readers.

2010 is going to be an adventure in living out that belief; I’m going to try different things and see just what folks respond to the most.  And I’m happy to say that I’m here to announce the first of these experimental ventures – The Mirror’s Road.

The Mirror’s Road is a novel I’ve had hanging around in the back of my head for awhile.  It’s such a mix of genres that I’ve never even tried to sell the idea to a publisher – it would probably give the guys in the marketing department fits as they tried endlessly to pigeonhole it into one genre or another without success.  But it’s a story I want to tell, one I want to share with all my fans, so I’ve been looking for a way to do just that.

I found it through a little site called Kickstarter.

You see, Kickstarter is a site devoted to doing just what its name implies – kickstarting projects with the help of others.  People pledge money to a project in return for cool rewards and a behind-the-scenes look at the development process from beginning to end.  The site is backed by, which provides an appropriate measure of security to the entire process.  It’s all or nothing funding, too; if a project does not meet its financial goal in the timeframe set (between 1 and 90 days) then no money changes hands.

I’ve turned The Mirror’s Road into a Kickstarter project, as you can see from the widget below, and I want to  invite you all along to share the ride with me.  If you decide to back the project – and there are various levels of doing so from $5.00 to $100.00, with appropriate rewards for each – you’ll get to participate in the project with me, providing suggestions on everything from character traits to plot lines.  You’ll get to follow along from development of the intial idea to the actual writing, from the production of the cover art to the final printed product.  And regardless of the level of backing you chose, you are assured of getting a copy of the completed book as my way of saying thanks for supporting the project.

So what’s the book about?  I can tell you it’s an urban fantasy novel, full of things that shouldn’t exist in a world that doesn’t quite believe in them. And it’s a road story too, about a young man on a journey, searching not only for his destiny but also for the almond-eyed girl that appears in his dreams each night, the girl that calls him on through the darkness. Who they are and what they mean to each other? Well, I think we’ll find that out in time.

If you want to get involved, and I really hope you do, simply click on the widget above which will take you to the project’s home page.  Click on the pledge level you want, select your reward, and follow the Amazon check out process.

And remember, the pledge period runs until April 16, so your card won’t be charged until then and only if we meet our goal.