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By the Blood of Heroes for just $1.99?

If you’re a fan of…

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Then you don’t want to miss this special offer from HarperCollins

Book one of the Great Undead War for just $1.99

By the Blood of HeroesForget what you thought you knew about World War I.  The Germans were easy…the zombies were much worse!

“Urban fantasy author Nassise raises the alternate history genre to brilliant new heights. This is a treat for zombie and horror fans, military fiction aficionados, history buffs, and steampunk lovers alike, all of whom will be clamoring for the next installment.” (Library Journal)

When the American ace Major Jack Freeman–poster boy for the war against the Kaiser’s undead army of shamblers–is shot down over enemy lines and taken captive, veteran Captain Michael “Madman” Burke is the only man brave and foolish enough to accept the mission to recover him. Burke assembles a team of disparate members – his right-hand man, Sergeant Moore, big-game-hunter-turned-soldier Clayton Manning, and Professor Dan Graves, one of Tesla’s top men and the resident authority on all things supernatural, among them – to dare the impossible. With the help of a highly advanced British dirigible war machine used to infiltrate enemy territory, the team will face incredible danger as it struggles to reach the prison camp and strike at the heart of the enemy.

Pitted against them is the most deadly enemy of all: Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron. Having risen from the dead with his physical abilities enhanced but his mind on the brink of madness, Richthofen has plans for victory that give no quarter to soldiers or civilians alike.

And he has plans for Major Freeman…

“Relentless pacing, nonstop action, and improbable but nifty-sounding military gadgetry (portable personal gliding devices, magnetism grenades) power an unremittingly entertaining story line that with broad appeal for history buffs, horror aficionados, and fans of steampunk.” (Publishers Weekly)


Black Friday Christmas Story

BlackFriday.2013I’m taking part in the Black Friday Christmas story blog event over at Literary Escapism this week – drop by to read a free Christmas story in which Jeremiah Hunt goes shopping for his two best friends (a beserker and a hedge witch) and get the chance to win a copy of Watcher in the Dark, the lastest Jeremiah Hunt thriller.


Midian Unmade Update (12/18)

And………..we have a TOC!  (Table of Contents, for those new to this kind of thing.)

Final notices of submission and rejection will be going out over the next week or so.  I will post here when they have all been sent out.  If you haven’t heard from either Del or I AT THAT POINT, you can email us to follow up.

I will say this — this is going to be an excellent book!


Midian Unmade Update (11/25)

If the comments on the original post here are any indication, there’s some interest in at least a quick update on where we are with the submissions for the Midian Unmade anthology project  so I thought I’d provide one…

Del and I have gone through the 500+ submissions that we received during the open submission period.  The vast majority of the first pass rejections have gone out, so if you haven’t heard from us it is likely that your story ended up in our second look pile.  We’re in the process of going through the 50-odd stories that caught our eye during the first pass and making our final selections.

The quality of the stories overall have been quite good – a number have been downright excellent.  A few struck Del and I so strongly that they made it right from the first pass into the book itself – they were that good!  (FYI – Acceptances have not been sent out.)

A few bits of feedback to bear in mind for some of you when submitting to other anthology projects in the future:

  • If you are submitting to an anthology entitled Midian Unmade, do not spell Midian with an e.
  • For that matter, don’t send a story that you haven’t spell-checked and proofed.  If there are spelling and grammar errors on the first page, I’m not going to read any further.
  • Do not label your file a generic file name like “Midian” as there will be at least forty others who do the same.
  • Put your name and contact information on the first page of the story so that we know who you are – I occassionally print out a story to read it and when the information is absent it is difficult to match the story with the originating email. You wouldn’t want an editor to pass simply because they couldn’t figure out who sent them the story…
  • Same goes for page numbers – use them!  If I print your story and the pages get out of order accidentally, it can be a pain to reorder them without page numbers.
  • If the call for submissions announces that the editors are looking for stories that follow a specific theme, do not send a submission that ignores that theme.  You don’t need a crystal ball to predict that your chances of making the cut end up being practically non-existent if you do…

I will say that there were a number of stories that came close and I wish I had the opportunity to offer some feedback to those individual writers.  However, with the number of stories we received for this open call, it just wasn’t feasible.

If you haven’t heard from us yet, just hang tight – we hope to be finished with the final selections in the next few weeks.

Thanks to all of you who submitted and to all those who are supporting the project – we’re as excited as you are about the project and can’t wait to announce the final line-up!


Watcher of the Dark Special Offer

The first week after launch is the most important time in the life of a traditionally published book.  Sales from the first week have a major impact on bestseller list appearances, bookstore reordering, and more.  So with that in mind I’ve decided to make a special offer to accompany the first week of Watcher of the Dark’s release…

Buy One Get One Free!

Buy Watcher of the Dark


Then choose any one of the following ebooks to receive free of charge!

Here’s how it works…

1.  Buy Watcher of the Dark from your local bookseller or from any of the online stores linked below:

Barnes & Noble

2. Email a copy of your receipt to

3. In the email specify what book you would like from the list and the format you would like it in (mobi for Kindle, epub for iPad, Nook, or Kobo)

4. I will deliver your free ebook via email shortly thereafter.

This offer is open to readers everywhere – even if you preordered Watcher – and available until midnight PST on Nov 26, 2013. 

(Sorry, but books in the Jeremiah Hunt, Chronicles, the Great Undead War series, and the Rogue Angel series are controlled by my publishers and I am unable to offer free copies of those in this special offer.)


The Big Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle Giveaway

Watcher of the Dark

With the release of WATCHER OF THE DARK, the third book in the Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle, less than a week away, I wanted to do something to help drive some attention to the release.  Figuring a rafflecopter giveway for all three hardcover books in the series might be just the thing, I’ve come up with the Big Jeremiah Hunt Chronicles Giveaway.

Entering the giveaway is simple – just carry out as many of the tasks outlined below as you want.  Each task provides a certain number of entries into the contest and you can gain more entries by carrying out more tasks.  (Don’t worry, you don’t have to recover the Golden Fleece or clean out the Augean Stables – just post, tweet and pin images about the book to help spread the word!)

Contest starts at midnight tonight and runs until noon on Nov 22nd.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

RT Reviewer’s Choice Award Nominee

Watcher of the DarkA bit of good news to share – Watcher of the Dark is a nominee in the RT Reviewers Choice Awards in the Urban Fantasy Protagonist category!

Here’s the complete list of nominees:

Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs, ACE (March 2013)
Hot Blooded by Amanda Carlson, ORBIT (April 2013)
Binding the Shadows by Jenn Bennet, POCKET (June 2013)
Tempest Reborn by Nicole Peeler, ORBIT (June 2013)
Blood Bond by Jeanne C. Stein, ACE (September 2013)
Watcher of the Dark by Joseph Nassise, TOR (November 2013)

RT Book Reviews also named WATCHER a TOP PICK and gave it four and a half stars in their review, so I’m doubly pleased by the news!

Video Promo for’s Thriller Bundle

I’ve already posted about the fabulous opportunity you have with the Storybundle Thriller Bundle (pay one whatever-you-want price and get 8 thrillers from bestselling writers!) so I won’t go through all that again…  :-D

Instead, I’ll just share this awesome video trailer that Jon Merz (co-author on The Cerberus Protocol) put together to showcase all the cool titles included in the bundle…


October 2013 Thriller Bundle Promo from from New Ronin Entertainment on Vimeo.

10 Days of Halloween Specials – Day 7: SNAFU

I’ve got more of an opportunity for you this morning than an out-and-out special, but I still think you’ll appreciate this one and hope you join in!  Doing so gets you access to a never-before-published Templar Chronicles story that won’t be available anywhere else for at least another year and probably longer…

I’ve just come aboard a fabulous military horror anthology project called SNAFU (military slang for Situation Normal – All F*cked Up) being put out by Austrailian publisher, Cohesion Press.  The project is being partially funded by an Indiegogo campaign which gives supporters the chance to get in on the ground floor and get some cool bonuses (including a very special hardcover limited edition of the book.)

I’ll be joining several other terrific authors who have already been invited into the project including bestsellers Jonathan Maberry (author of the Joe Ledger series), Weston Ochse (author of the Seal Team 666 series), James Moore (author of the Serenity Falls series and the Seven Forges fantasy epic) and Greg Beick (author of the Alex Hunter series.)

Here’s the skinny:

SNAFU cover art

Read some of the biggest names in the business in an anthology
of original military horror

Time travel, bioweapons unleashed, mutations, ancient species unearthed in lost caverns deep within the earth… and the soldiers who fight them

When the going gets tough, the tough fight to the death in SNAFU.


- James A Moore (a Jonathan Crowley story)
- Greig Beck (a brand new novella – ‘The Fossil’ – read synopsis HERE)
- Weston Ochse (bestselling author of Seal Team 666 and Age of Blood)
- Jonathan Maberry (a Joe Ledger tale)
- Joseph Nassise (bestselling author of the Templar Chronicles and the Great Undead War series)

- And others…


Buy it now or miss out on the limited edition version of what will be the BEST military horror anthology of 2014.

What You Get

This is an opportunity to pre-order and receive a special limited edition of SNAFU.

There are some great bonuses available for pre-orders ONLY. 

  • Be one of the first to read this selection of tales
  • Unique cover art for pre-orders
  • Free worldwide postage for print editions
  • Each print edition limited to the number of orders. If we get 103 orders for the paperback, there will only be 103 paperbacks with that cover design, and so on
  • We are limiting the paperback special editions to 350
  • We are limiting the hardcover signed limited special editions to 250
  • We are limiting the hand-bound lettered editions to 26
  • All hardcovers will be signed by all contributors

Pre-order ebook editions will be sent out the same time as reviewer copies


Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t contribute financially, that’s fine. 
If you want to help, then spread the word.
Tell your friends; share on Facebook or Twitter, use the Indiegogo share tools, just get the word out.

Indiegogo campaign link –

10 Days of Halloween Specials – Day Six: Dead Man Collections Sale

The Dead Man: Eater of SoulsA few days ago I announced the publication of my original Dead Man novella, Eater of Souls, which you can still get for just $1.99.  With Halloween just around the corner, Amazon has gotten into the act as well, putting the first five Dead Man omnibus volumes on sale today and today only for the same price.

The Dead Man Vol 1: Face of Evil, Ring of Knives, Hell in Heaven

The Dead Man Vol 2: The Dead Woman, Blood Mesa, Kill Them All

The Dead Man Vol 3: The Beast Within, Fire & Ice, Carnival of Death

The Dead Man Vol 4: Freaks Must Die, Slaves to Evil, The Midnight Special

The Dead Man Vol 5: The Death Match, The Black Death, The Killing Floor

Buy each one for just $1.99 or buy them all and get 15 fantastic novels for just $9.95!  That’s a deal you don’t want to miss!