10 Days of Halloween Specials – Day Six: Dead Man Collections Sale

The Dead Man: Eater of SoulsA few days ago I announced the publication of my original Dead Man novella, Eater of Souls, which you can still get for just $1.99.  With Halloween just around the corner, Amazon has gotten into the act as well, putting the first five Dead Man omnibus volumes on sale today and today only for the same price.

The Dead Man Vol 1: Face of Evil, Ring of Knives, Hell in Heaven

The Dead Man Vol 2: The Dead Woman, Blood Mesa, Kill Them All

The Dead Man Vol 3: The Beast Within, Fire & Ice, Carnival of Death

The Dead Man Vol 4: Freaks Must Die, Slaves to Evil, The Midnight Special

The Dead Man Vol 5: The Death Match, The Black Death, The Killing Floor

Buy each one for just $1.99 or buy them all and get 15 fantastic novels for just $9.95!  That’s a deal you don’t want to miss!










10 Days of Halloween Specials – Day One

With less than two weeks left until Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year, I’ve decided to offer up a different special every single day between now and the main event.  Let’s call it the 10 Days of Halloween Specials and we’ll kick things off with a $0.99 offer on the ebook edition of The Heretic, book one in my bestselling Templar Chronicles urban fantasy series.

Heretic75offCheck out the high-octane thrills and supernatural chills of the Templar Chronicles!

Cade Williams was just an ordinary cop until the night he came face to face with a fallen angel known as the Adversary and nearly died.  Now he commands the Echo Team, a special ops squad of modern Templar knights, and the things they hunt are far darker and much more deadly than your average criminals.

When Templar bases are attacked by unknown foes, Cade and his team are called out to investigate. They discover a cabal of necromancers allied with the Adversary and are forced to take the battle to the enemy to keep them from stealing the power of an ancient relic for their own nefarious ends.

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord, but Cade’s been known to bend a rule or two and right now he’s got a score to settle…

Praise for THE HERETIC – book one of the internationally bestselling dark fantasy series by the author of EYES TO SEE and BY THE BLOOD OF HEROES.

“First-rate, stylish work from Mr. Nassise, with a steady escalation of the story’s speed that makes it almost literally breath-taking.” — Clive Barker

“A breakneck-paced thriller that delivers on the thrills and tosses in more than a few more chills.” — Kelley Armstrong

“THE HERETIC is a genre-bending thrill ride that heralds the debut of a urban fantasy series to watch…and enjoy.” — Cemetery Dance Magazine

Get yours for just $0.99!

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Get 30% off at Kobo!

Kobo’s having a 30% off sale on a wide selection of titles between now and August 20th.  If you’re looking for an epub version of any of my Templar books – and a few others besides – the best place to get them right now is Kobo.  Use the coupon code below and save!

Nook (and Kindle!) Alert – By the Blood of Heroes for $0.99!

May was apparently Zombie Awareness Month (who knew?!) and Harper Voyager is celebrating posthaste with their Harper Voyager Value Program.  Certain titles throughout the month of June dealing with zombies will be discounted to incredible levels, starting with By the Blood of Heroes!

I’ve already mentioned the $2.99 deal you can get on a Kindle edition but now they’ve upped the game again by making the Nook edition just $0.99.  400 pages of steampunk zombie World War One goodness for a lousy buck?  What are you people waiting for? 

UPDATE – Seems the Kindle edition has been reduced to $0.99 as well!

Get it for the Nook!

Get it for the Kindle!


7 Days and Counting – Time to Sweeten the Pot!

We’re exactly seven days away from the release of my latest novel, EYES TO SEE, book one of the Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle, and I thought I’d do something special for those who pre-order the book ahead of release.

Right now, the hardcover edition is available for a special preorder price of $15.63, which is a cool 32% off the regular price.  The Kindle and Nook editions are available for $10.99.

So, here’s the deal.  Email me a copy of your pre-order receipt and I’ll email you back your choice of a free Kindle or Nook edition of The Heretic (book one in my Templar series) or Riverwatch, a stand-alone horror novel perfect for Halloween. 

It’s a buy one, get one free kinda deal and its only good for the next seven days, so if you were thinking of picking up a copy of EYES now is the time to do it.

Email those receipts to me at jnassise at and tell me which free book you’d like in return and what format (Nook or Kindle) you prefer.  You can learn more the books by clicking on the covers below.



Word has come down that Chinese language rights for HERETIC, book one of the Templar Chronicles, have sold to Taiwan publisher New Star for publication sometime in 2008. This brings the number of languages I’ve been published in to five (English, Italian, German, Russian, and Chinese) – one for every year I’ve been in this business.

(Note – this is not the big news I mentioned in my last entry. That news will have to wait another week or two – verbal contracts have all been worked out but the actual paperwork won’t be signed until late next week. Yes, it does involve HERETIC. Yes, it is very cool. No, I can’t say anything more about it at the moment. Stay tuned!)

Forthcoming Titles

Earlier this month I talked about the new three book deal my agent had landed with my current German publisher, Droemer-Knaur. I’m now free to talk about those titles and wanted to share a little background information with you regarding them.

The new books are:

EYES TO SEE which is about a man who gives up his sight in order to see through the eyes of the ghosts that surround him, all in the hopes of finding the daughter who disappeared without a trace from his home eleven years before. (Publication in 2008)

THE WITCHES HAMMER focuses on a serial killer using 16th century witch-hunting techniques to select his victims and the maverick FBI agent who is assigned to stop him. Things go sideways, however, when the agent begins to understand, and even agree with, the killer’s decisions. (Publication in 2009)

THE BOOK OF COMING SORROWS deals with the discovery of a long-lost manuscript penned by the apostle John, a manuscript that, when read aloud, sets off the cataclysmic events described by John in Revelation. (Publication in 2010)

All other rights are still available, including US/UK/Canada, and information can be gained by contacting me at or my agent at

Short Story Sale

Word came this week that my story “On This Day of Reckoning” was accepted for publication in the HOLY HORRORS anthology, edited by Matt Cardin and T.M. Wright.

This was a story that I started at the Borderlands Press Writing Bootcamp back in January when we were given an assignment to write the opening of something new. At the time, I had no idea where I was going with it, but something about it seemed to work and so when the anthology call came up I thought I’d dust it off . This is actually the second sale I’ve made from an assignment we did at the camp – the other one turned into the sale of a new novel called EYES TO SEE to Droemer-Knaur in Germany.

I don’t have any idea who else is involved with the project, but word is that a full table of contents will be available sometime soon. I’ll be sure to post the whole thing here when it is.