New Class – How to Format, Package & Self-Publish Your Ebook

I’m going to be teaching another class on self-publishing next month for my friends over at Litreactor.  Where the last course was six weeks, this one will be a stripped down version covering the hands-on aspects of self-publishing without all the philosophy behind it.  If you want to learn how to format your ebook, upload it to the various distributor platforms, and generate some visibility for it, this class is for you.

Here’s what Litreactor has to say about it…

Your Instructor: Joseph Nassise (author of Templar Chronicles Urban Fantasy Series)

Where: Online — Available everywhere!

When: November 26, 2012 – December 16, 2012

Enrollment: 24 Students Maximum

Class Description

Self-publishing used to be a dirty, shameful concept–the realm of authors who couldn’t crack the world of traditional publishing. But with the advent of digital publishing, the paradigm has shifted completely.

Now, self-published books are cracking best-seller lists. Even authors who’ve been traditionally published for years are testing the self-publishing waters, thanks to greater creative control and higher royalty rates. 

A new report from Bowker says more than 235,000 print and digital self-published titles are being released annually in the United States. We know it’s easy to self-publish a book. But it’s not easy to do right. Flip through the self-published offerings on Amazon and you’ll find a lot of books that are poorly edited, wrapped in garish covers, and are generally incapable of finding an audience. 

Urban fantasy author Joseph Nassise is a veteran of both traditional and digital self-publishing. He’s seen success in both, and through a lot of experimenting and perseverance, knows how to successfully format, package and sell a self-published book. 

And he’s here to show you how to do it. From advice on getting a good editor and cover designer, to proper formatting so your eBook will appear correctly on just about every digital format imaginable, Joseph will show you how to take control of your publishing destiny. 

What This Class Covers:

Week One: Ebook Design and Formatting
In this lesson students will learn how to take their manuscript and convert it into a professional looking eBook in a variety of formats.  They will gain an understanding of the best way to layout the material within the text, as well as hands-on experience in adding required elements such as an active table of contents and interior images.

Key topics will include:

  • File types per platform
  • Basic ebook layout
  • Do it yourself formatting first into html, then converting to epub/mobi
  • How to outsource the formatting and what to expect if doing so
  • Embedding images
  • Embedding sound and video

Week Two: Preparing Your Book for Sale
Presentation is everything when it comes to ebooks.  From the cover art to the downloadable sample, you want to make sure that your book is presented to the potential customer in the best possible light.

Key topics will include:

  • Creating or acquiring cover art
  • The importance of your book description
  • Keywords and how they impact visibility
  • Proper category selection
  • The need for reviews – good or bad.
  • The many theories on pricing
  • Author Central accounts

Week Three: Raising Your Visibility
With more than a million titles on the virtual shelves, authors need to find a way to raise the visibility of their book and to keep that visibility high.  This final lesson will discuss strategies to do that by using the various systems already in place via the various platforms.

Key topics will include:

  •     Categories and keywords
  •     Bestseller lists
  •     New Release lists
  •     Kindle and Nook daily picks
  •     Tagging
  •     Rankings
  •     Special programs such as KDP Select and Nook First


Joe writes urban fantasy series and supernatural thrillers for a wide variety of publishers in the US and abroad, including Tor Books, Harbinger Books, HarperCollins, Harlequin/Gold Eagle, and Droemer Knaur.

Joe Nassise – who has written posts on Joseph Nassise.

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