Unglue RIVERWATCH Update

With only 17 days left to go in my Unglue.it campaign for RIVERWATCH, I thought I’d post an update to let everyone know how things are going. 

Put simply, we’ve a LONG way to go if we are going to make the goal before the campaign expires.

I want Unglue.it to succeed.  Not just my campaign, but the concept in general, because I think it is an important new way of putting excellent works into the hands of many more people worldwide while at the same time providing financial support to the author for their creative efforts.  The limited availability of digital works is driving far too many people to pirate works that aren’t available in their region and this is hurting writers financially.  Point of fact – every single book I have available in a digital edition is being pirated on the net somewhere right now.  Hopefully, initiatives like Unglue.it will help lift some of that burden.

In order for that to happen though, the first few Unglue.it campaigns, including the one for RIVERWATCH, have to succeed.  The public needs to see it is a viable way to bring books to readers.  This is turn will influence other writers and publishers to test their own Unglue.it campaigns.  If you’ve already pledged support for one of the current campaigns, mine or anyone else’s, thank you.  Your generosity and support is highly appreciated.  If you’ve been thinking about doing so, now is the time to step out and take action.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

In order to show how serious I am about helping Unglue.it’s initial campaigns to succeed, I’m going to lower my target goal from $25,000.00 to $15,000.00 as of this morning.  That’s a 40% reduction from the original goal and a step that, I hope, shows that I’m committed to this process.

Help unglue RIVERWATCH – make a pledge today!

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