Want to be a character in Infernal Games?

A new contest has gone live over at the Storybundle.com website and I think you Templar Chronicles fan might just be interested…

From Storybundle.com:

Be a character in an upcoming novel!

Unless you’re best friends with an author, the chances of you being a character in a book are somewhere between you playing in the NBA and you being killed by a lightning bolt while in an airplane crash while seeing a UFO. But what if we could make that happen? What if all you had to do to get a chance at fictional immortality was to grab a bundle? That’s exactly what you have to do.

Just hit up StoryBundle and grab a bundle (7 books from 7 authors, pay-what-you-want, no DRM).  It doesn’t matter whether meet the bonus level or not, all buyers are entered into the contest. If you’ve already purchased a bundle, you’re automatically entered in as well.

Joeseph Nassise is currently working on book four of his series, The Templar Chronicles. Coincidentally enough, we’re featuring book one, The Heretic in our bundle! If you win, Joe will interview you and get to know what your quirks are, your personality, what you do, and so forth, and insert you as a character in Infernal Games. Of course it’s up to the author’s discretion as to what you actually do in the book, so if Joe wants to make you a grifter, he can. If he wants to make you a CFO accused of embezzlement, a star college athlete, an insurance salesman, or even a (if he were so heartless) writer, he can. It all goes to serve the story. But rest assured that he’ll do his best to work your personality into the character.

Here’s the cover and a description of the series.

In this internationally bestselling series from Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild Award nominee Joseph Nassise, the ancient Templar Order has been resurrected as a secret combat arm of the Vatican, charged with defending mankind from the supernatural enemies that threaten them at every turn. At center stage is Knight Commander Cade Williams, a veteran of the Order and a man torn between his thirst for vengeance and his need to discover what happened to him during an encounter with a supernatural entity known as the Adversary five years before. Cade leads the famed Echo Team, a special forces-style unit that gets called out when things go from bad to worse. Spectres, revenants, even fallen angels – they’re all in a day’s work for the men of Echo Team and their mysterious commander.

Just because we love you guys so much, we’re throwing in another Joe to the pot. Joseph Lallo, author of Bypass Gemini and Unstable Prototypes, who’s also working on an upcoming book, will do the same! Again, all you have to do is purchase a bundle and you’re automatically entered to win a slot in one of these two upcoming novels.

Sound good? You’d better hurry, since you only have until August 29 to get in on this bundle, and the chance to be in a book.

Joe writes urban fantasy series and supernatural thrillers for a wide variety of publishers in the US and abroad, including Tor Books, Harbinger Books, HarperCollins, Harlequin/Gold Eagle, and Droemer Knaur.

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