Cloak of Fury

The line between fantasy and reality is blurring…

Rick Fury is down on his luck. A seasoned covert operative, the last six months have seen him bungling missions, exposing his identity, and hurting those who he once cared for while crazy visions have turned his instincts to mush. Now, on the outs with his CIA bosses, Fury needs a break.

A man named Dante Grimm offers him a chance to join a brotherhood of knights tasked with holding back the darkness and a horde of enemies far worse than any of the terrorists and spies Fury has faced in the past, creatures straight out of the depths of hell itself.

Skeptical, Fury agrees to find something for Grimm: an old leather jacket that may or may not be a crucial tool for helping battle back the demons that are soon to tear into this world.

Under the streets of Boston’s Chinatown, Fury sets out on his quest, finds a colleague to guide him, and hears rumors of an enemy sorcerer after the same leather jacket that soon prove to be true.

In a race against time, Fury must contend with otherworldly enemies, regrets over his misconduct, and the terrifying possibility that everything he ever dismissed as fiction, is in fact, all too real.