The Heretic

Forget what you’ve been told. Monsters DO exist. And they’re hungry.

Cade Williams would know better than most. Ever since he joined the new Templar Order and took command of the special operations group known as the Echo Team, he and his men have been kicking monster ass, determined to rid the world of such creatures once and for all.

When a powerful necromancer steals an ancient artifact of arcane might, it is Cade and his men who are charged with recovering it. But the mission goes awry when Cade learns that the power behind the necromancer is none other than the fallen angel that murdered his wife and set him on this path so many years before.

Will Cade sacrifice the mission, and possibly the lives of his men, for the sake of his own vengeance?

The Heretic is the first book in a new urban fantasy series from New York Times bestseller Joseph Nassise that combines dark supernatural suspense with military adventure. If you like breakneck-paced thrillers, unforgettable characters, and intense battles with supernatural creatures, then you’ll love this action-packed series.

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